Theming Field Collections in Drupal 7

Field collections is a great module that extends your Drupal site capabilities by allowing you to have “groups” of fields. This becomes extremely useful when you need multiple groupings of fields. If you’re a Drupal developer, you know how valuable this can be. If you’ve used Field Collections in the past, you know how frustrating … Continue reading Theming Field Collections in Drupal 7

A Tale of Two Platforms—Contributing to Competing Open Source Platforms

I’ve been a long-time developer of WordPress and Drupal. WordPress since version 2.6 and Drupal since version 6. Both platforms have their pros and cons; both platforms have their place in the CMS world. While I typically use WordPress for small to medium size websites that rely on limited, registered user interactions, I use Drupal … Continue reading A Tale of Two Platforms—Contributing to Competing Open Source Platforms

WordPress Plugin: Similar Posts Ontology

The following is a WordPress contributed plugin. You can download it here: Similar Posts Ontology. Does your website utilize categories and tags? Does it use custom taxonomies? If so, this plugin will find similar content based on all your taxonomies. There are two ways to show related posts within your page. The first way to … Continue reading WordPress Plugin: Similar Posts Ontology

Fun With Internet Jargon And Lingo

Being in any industry brings its own set of jargon – most of it is uninteresting and only understandable to those in who’ve been around a while, but every once and a while, some of the jargon can be funny, geeky, or whimsical. What follows is a list of some of the best jargon and lingo of the Internet development industry. Some you may have heard before, but some you probably haven’t.

Practices Developers Should Avoid

Every developer wants to create the best site for their users. Though often times they will add functionality, use formats, or design in a way that matches what they perceive to be a “standard”. Unfortunately, just because something is used often doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. In this article I’ll discuss some common practices that you may have done without even considering other options.