American River Medical

Company: American River Medical
Year Built: 2012
Planet Kodiak tasks: Design Implementation, Programming, Database design, Google Calendar integration
Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, jQuery, Google Calendar, iCal, CSV

American River Medical (ARM) is a medical solutions business. They sell medical equipment, and were in need of a modernized website. This site is built with a custom WordPress theme and 8 templates. The site consists of almost 100 products across a multitude of categories.

Along with the products, users can schedule appointments with ARM right from the site. They can go to a calendar, select a product and a desired location, and schedule a meeting. Once completed, the meeting is automatically added to the ARM company Google Calendar. It will also present the user with the option of adding to their iCal, Outlook, Android, or Google Calendar. If a user selects a date and location that’s already been filled, they are given the option to be notified should that date become available again.

ARM is a large website that is built on WordPress and utilizes many plugins including the custom calendar plugin.