Company: Graham Emmanuel
Year Built: 2015
Planet Kodiak tasks: Site strategy, Design, Design implementation, CMS backend, Drupal theme, custom module, responsive design, Google Calendar Integration, analytics
Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, LESS, CSS, Drupal, jQuery, Owl Carousel, Google Calendar

Graham Emmanuel Baptist Church is a church needing an update after 7 years with the same site and a separate m dot site for mobile.

The site was updated to a fresh new design that was responsive and works on phones, tablets, and desktops. With modern features including swiping, animations, and minimalistic designs, the theme will meet the needs of this church for years to come.

Built on Drupal, this church’s sermons were taken from a static list into a well structured taxonomy that filters by date, sermon series, and different topics. There’s also deep Google Calendar integration, interactive carousels, and a multi-tiered permissioning system.