Company: Latch
Year Built: 2012
Planet Kodiak tasks: Architecture, Application Design, Database Design, Programming, Business Strategy, Drupal Theme, Custom Drupal Module
Technologies Used: Drupal, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Latch is a service for finding well vetted, home service professionals that users can freely search to find any number of professionals in their community, with criteria specific to the users needs. This site is a competitor to sites such as Angie’s List,, Zillow among others.

The system allows professionals to have their own, personal profile where they can request ratings from peers and customers. The system allows other professionals to refer one another to customers, giving them a Referral Rating which will determine their eligibility to continue in the system the next year. Once a referral is completed, the referring peer will give the professional a Peer Score, and the customer will rate the professional in each of three areas: quality, service, and price. When another potential customer searches the site, they will filter based on their desire of quality, service, or price and receive results that will display the Peer Rating averages.

The user-centric nature of this application made Drupal 7 an ideal candidate for the CMS.

The system is quite large and built on Drupal’s extensive set of enterprise-ready modules. The site is a custom design and core, business functionality is based on a custom module built exclusively for Latch.

It was designed from PSD into a custom theme that utilizes many of Drupal 7’s newest features. With 12 different templates, the site offers a rich experience for users to see that this is not only a viable alternative to places like Angie’s List, but more professional as well.