My World Vision

Company: World Vision
Year Built: 2011
Planet Kodiak tasks: Design implementation, CMS backend, Drupal Theme, Modules, SOA backend, SSO integration
Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Drupal, SOAP, RESTful API, Memcache, jQuery

I am a full time employee of World Vision and I have just completed phase 1 of My World Vision with 4 other developers. My World Vision is a portal for World Vision’s child sponsors. Sponsors can log into the website to see their sponsored children, sponsor more children, and view information about the 60+ countries and 400+ communities that World Vision works in.

The website was built in Drupal and uses over 50 modules. There is a lot of integration using SOAP API’s to connect with an Oracle database and a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.