World Vision

Company: World Vision
Year Built: 2013
Planet Kodiak tasks: Application Architecture, Web Service Integration Layer, Caching strategy, CDN, Cloud infrastructure, front-end technologies, Security
Technologies Used: Drupal 7, HTML5, CSS3, CDN, AWS, Cloud, Git, Bootstrap, jQuery, REST, Google Maps

I am a full time employee of World Vision which is an international non-profit organization seeking a better life for children across the world. Since World Vision launched its in 1997, it has been primarily on the ancient platform Lotus Notes/Domino. As World Vision moves to increase its presence online, new systems, processes, and technologies became essential, so we embarked on a year-long project to move off our 7,000 page Domino system with limited capabilities. Through publishing workflows, usability-driven designs, and a desire to create an expanding platform Drupal was chosen to move us through the next decade. I am World Vision’s Internet Solutions Architect and worked with over 50 people to help deliver this product.

The site includes extensive publishing workflows, web service server, CDN, Cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, and is built on modern front-end technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.